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Web Development Process

Web3 Matrix has the expertise and the required mind frame of developing new and promising products from the ground level by identifying the expectations and characteristics of the target market. Uniqueness with matured professional solution is our trade secret, which our customers have experienced at various levels.

We don’t believe in overwhelming the multipurpose project but in complementing the human effort. We employ flawless design and development through the various proven processes and strategic methodologies in place.


Scope of product development

We understand the conceptualisation of the product idea of the client and accordingly design the virtual plan and flowchart of the product and services. We also design ideas and moot line of the blue print of the final product.

Product design

We help our customers in identifying and chalking the right choice for platform regarding the development of their product. This method is useful for the customers as it helps in the distribution of the products at low investments. The tools used for product design are Rational and UML. Some of the methodologies offered by us for product design are Spiral, Interactive, SDLC and Waterfall.

Product development

This important stage includes framing the architectural designing of the product. Perceptible and concrete shape is provided to the design ideas. We also interact closely with the client, quality engineers, designers and programmers for maximum benefit.

Product testing

In order to test the robustness and expediency of the product, we employ technical testing of the product to satisfy our customers. Some of the tests conducted by us are Load test, stress tests, system test, integration test and unit test.

E-Commerce websites are specialized websites that allow financial transactions to be transacted over the internet. E-Commerce websites can be stand alone operations, or can augment physical retail operations. Realize that e-commerce websites do not necessarily have to sell products – e-commerce websites can be also be built to sell services such as stock trading, subscriptions and memberships.

General Features of an E-Commerce System:

User Interface or Front End – this is where the users interact with the e-commerce website and is comprised of forms and screens that visitors use to interact with the website.

Shopping Cart or Product or Service Catalog -A shopping cart or a product/service catalog, whether it is a single product or several hundreds of thousands or products, becomes the core of an e-commerce website: it provides the functionality that allows the management of users, products, orders as well as order tracking options. We use various levels of e-commerce shopping carts or product catalogs that are then customized to fit the requirements for a given website.

Payment Gateway or Payment Processing System – An e-commerce website requires a mechanism to collect payments and this is done via a payment gateway service provider. In a nutshell, a payment gateway is a third party service provider that facilitates the collection of payment and the subsequent deposit of that payment into a merchant account. Examples of payment gateways are:, Paypal & Google Checkout etc. Please note that payment gateway providers charge a monthly fee and a per-transaction percentage commission and fee for their services.

Merchant Account to handle payment facilitation – Once a payment has been processed by the payment gateway, the money is then deposited into a merchant account which subsequently transfers the money into the e-commerce website owner or operator’s bank account. It is worth pointing out that Paypal is the only payment gateway that also acts as a merchant account. Please note that merchant account providers charge a monthly fee for their services.

Security (SSL) Encryption using SSL (Secure Sockets layer) on HTTPS – Security is critically important when it comes to the Internet and the HTTPS protocol uses SSL technology to securely encrypt the communication between a user’s browser and the server that hosts the e-commerce website. SSL certificates come in various flavors and sizes and encryption strengths ranging from 40-bit keys to 1024 –bit keys. Some examples of SSL certificate issuing authorities are VeriSign and GeoTrust. SSL Issuing authorities may charge a one-time setup fee and annual renewal fees for their certificates.

Popular Website Development Platforms

Why Web-Based Applications?

There are numerous reasons why you should consider a custom web app as part of your organizational digital strategy. At Alternative Spaces, we recognize the advantages and flexibility that web application development provides, in terms of an optimized user interface and truly turn-key development environment. Below we have accumulated some of the primary reasons organizations choose to contract the development of a web-based application:

  • User Accessibility
    With a web-based application, your organization is providing your users with access to the system via a uniform environment - the web browser. Our website application development team is able to manage the testing process on different web browsers, and once finalized, the web application itself needs only be developed for a single operating system. With conventional software applications, user accessibility is limited based on the fact that the program can only be accessed once downloaded directly to a device.

    This opens up exciting workplace possibilities as well, facilitating the establishment of new programs that allow for global teams, home working and real-time collaboration. The idea of sitting in front of a single computer and working in a fixed location is a thing of the past, thanks to Alternative Spaces web-based applications.

  • Cross-Platform Functionality
    The intensive development process means that for time-purposes, traditional desktop applications target only Windows, and likely only a select few of Windows versions (XP, 7, 8, and 10). This excludes a large proportion of potential users who utilize alternative OS technology, and those looking to access these applications on the go via a mobile device. Thankfully, Alternative Solutions understands these limitations, and has developed a process which takes advantage of open-source infrastructure in order to develop truly OS-agnostic web applications. As a result, our web apps are not bound by these limitations, and can be used on Windows, Mac, and even Unix if necessary.

    Web-based mobile applications are also becoming increasingly popular as users look to access information, and communicate, on the go instead of searching the website. Alternative Spaces can also help your organization develop a fluid suite of mobile and desktop-based web applications; according to your target demographic and functionality requirements.

  • Increased Interoperability
    In the modern digital marketplace, it has never been more important to optimize the interoperability of your various applications, to improve work flow and take advantage of digital efficiencies. For example, many organizations are looking to develop e-commerce web applications that have the capability of sharing all purchase data with a congruent accounting software, removing that step in the sales process. With the use of open source web-based applications developed by Alternative Spaces, it has never been easier to achieve this scale of interoperability between.

  • Easier to Maintain
    Gone are the days of extensive patch rollouts, and complex web application maintenance. With the web-based application approach, users have the ability to access the latest updates directly via their online platform, whether it be desktop of mobile device. As the developer, your team simply needs to release the web application updates, and voila, your users can access it straight away without needing to upgrade the downloaded application software of each independent user. This means that to update your web application, all that is required from the user is that they have an up-to-date browser, and plugins. This streamlined maintenance process also helps ensure that upgrade results are more predictable and reliable, as the upgrades are only performed once by an experienced professional.

  • Potential to Handle an Increased Workload
    Web-based applications are much ‘lighter’ than conventional software, and as a result they have the ability to be run on less-powerful devices while maintaining the same functionality. Similarly, on the server side of the organization, web-based apps make increasing processor capacity a far simpler task. If you wish to allocate more processing power to your new web-based applications, the only step that needs to be taken is the upgrading of physical server hardware. This is due to the fact that web-based application capacity can be increased by running the software on several servers simultaneously.

  • Flexible Web App Development Options
    When your organization utilizes custom web app development services from Alternative Spaces, you can rest assured that we will only utilize the programming language that best suits your needs. As we mentioned above, our team is capable of working with source code such as PHP, RoR, django-python, Java and ASP.NET languages; each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

    Our team recognizes the many benefits of working with programming languages like RoR in the development of mobile and web-based applications for your company. Our team of global experts have 5+ years’ experience with this platform, and have worked with numerous clients in the past to develop truly cutting-edge solutions. The primary advantages of RoR are the ease-of-use, and the ability to deliver rapid solutions. We can even help your development team facilitate independent updates to RoR applications, through drag and drop programming solutions.

    This is only the tip of the iceberg, and our team has experience working with a wide range of other programming languages depending on the unique client circumstances, including Custom Software Development. Thus, we recommend that you get in touch with one of our technological consultants today, to discuss your options and start planning the rollout of your next web-based application!

Domain & Hosting

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Get The ULTIMATE Amazon Affiliate Website 

We will build you an Intelligent Self Optimizing Amazon Affiliate Website on the World's Leading E-Commerce Platform.

Here is what you will get from our Premium Package: 

+ Custom Professional Design
+ Premium Wordpress Theme
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  • Adsense
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