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ASP.NET is one of the most acceptable technologies for creating robust dynamic & scalable desktop and web applications.
ASP.NET is a part of the Microsoft visual studio .NET framework. One can code ASP.NET applications in most .NET compatible
languages including VB.NET, C#, and J#. ASP.NET pages, commonly known as web forms are compiled and stored on the web server for providing better performance. Web forms give you the flexibly to build powerful forms-based website pages. While building web forms based website pages you can use ASP.NET server controls to create common user interface (UI) elements and code them for accomplishing common tasks. These feature rich web controls allow you to build your web forms rapidly and make it usable as custom components.
The Microsoft platform with ASP and ASP.NET is a platform of choice for several top level business and technical decision makers for several reasons.
Powerful database driven functionality allows programmers to develop web applications that interface with a database
ASP.Net is object-oriented and has many tools that facilitate faster development and more functionality
Faster web applications: Compiled code and caching make ASP.Net really fast. Earlier, the code was interpreted into ‘machine language’ when your website visitor viewed your page. With ASP.Net, the code is compiled before your visitor even visits your site.
Memory leak and crash protection: ASP.Net automatically retrieves from memory leaks and errors thus ensuring that your website is always available to visitors.
Multiple Language Support: ASP.Net allows programmers to write their code in several .Net languages (including VB.Net, C and Jscript.Net). Hence, programmers can develop sites in a language they know best.
ASP.Net 1.1 / ASP.Net 2.0 are programming frameworks from Microsoft that allows us to build rapid, robust, well organized application code and allow for modular & scalable development of powerful web applications. By using ASP.NET you can accomplish common tasks by EDP (Event Driven Programming). The best part of using ASP.NET application is that you don’t need to put your source code (.VB or .CS) files to the web server because ASP.NET supports Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and it inherit all the coding for the page from an encrypted (.DLL or Dynamic Link Library) file that store on BIN Directory of the root of your web server. Basically the .NET development framework is a development and execution environment that give the flexibility to most programming languages & libraries to work as a group seamlessly for creating Windows platform, web or mobile applications that are easier to build, manage, deploy with stand alone applications or as networked systems. The .NET Framework consists of The Common Language Runtime (CLR) and the Framework Class Libraries (FCL). Visual Studio is the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for creating programs in one of many languages.
is a web development organization specializing in server-side programming using ASP and ASP.NET. With several years of web development experience, we provide high-quality, low-cost solutions for companies needing dynamic or database-driven web sites. Though we are located in Mumbai, India, we have customers across the globe – including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe and South East Asia.
Our ASP.Net development services include:
Designing and programming using ASP and ASP.NET
Migrating web based and stand-alone applications to .NET
Development, support and enhancement of existing applications in .NET
Porting of legacy applications to .NET based application
Windows application development
Application development in the .NET compact framework
Synchronization applications between web and desktop servers using .NET web services