The advantage of having mobile commerce (or m-commerce) on your site is that the millions of mobile users can purchase from your online shop with ease.

Companies like Amazon have already embraced this new opportunity. If you visit the Amazon site on your mobile you will see a site that makes it easy to purchase using your mobile device.






How does your e-commerce site compare?

If you have an existing e-commerce site, try and make some purchases using an Iphone, Blackberry or Android phone and see what the experience was like. Then ask yourself if potential customers would purchase from your online shop using a smart phone.

How we can help

If it is difficult to make a purchase from your online store using a mobile device then contact us to discuss the options. These will depend on the type of e-commerce site you have at present.

  1. If your site is bespoke, we can work with the software developer to create a mobile version that is served from the same database of products.
  2. If your site uses a hosted e-commerce platform that does not support m-commerce, then the best option is to move to another hosted e-commerce platform that supports m-commerce. We can advise on the options and costs to move your site.
  3. If you are using “out of the box” shopping cart software that has been installed on your site. We can check with the software vender if they offer an m-commerce solution and if not advise on suitable alternatives and get you up and running.